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Jedidiah Weller

How to Improve Scoping For Development Teams

In 15 years working in software engineering, I’ve seen the industry come a long way.   We’ve created tools and frameworks for software development, one layer at a time, that have increased the speed at which applications can be created 10

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Rachel Bennett

10 Signs you may be a UX Designer

Are you a natural problem-solver who loves technology? Do you find yourself captivated with details that others might not even notice – like margins in a document or why a specific font was used for a logo? You just might

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Jared Bradshaw

5 Essential Design Tools for UI/UX

UX/UI Design is one of the hottest tech jobs on the market now. A lot of graphic and visual designers are delving into the industry, and a lot of the ground rules and framework is freshly made. Most universities don’t even

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