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A/B Testing Ionic Applications

A/B testing is a powerful methodology that allows you to run experiments by delivering different versions of your application to (randomly or otherwise generated) segments of your user base. It removes guesswork from the process of optimizing your application and … Read More

Getting Started with AWS Amplify

If you’ve used Firebase to manage and scale your web and mobile applications in the past, then you’ve seen how easy it is to create a backend for your application. It is a great tool that can fully provision authentication, … Read More

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How to Create a Monorepo with Ionic/Angular & AppFlow

If you are on a software team building applications with Angular, then migrating to a monorepo has probably been one of your goals for 2021. You’ve most likely heard all the hype about how monorepos allow development teams to benefit … Read More

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How to Declare Variables in CSS

What are CSS Variables? CSS Variables are powerful tools that have been with us for a long time. In this blog we are going to see how we can easily add a Dark Mode to our app, so we can … Read More

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Google Play Services Configuration Guide for Firebase Mobile Applications with Multiple Environments

If you’re a mobile application developer in the gaming space, you are likely trying to figure out how to configure Google Play Services for your mobile app. If so, you may realize that setting up Google Play can be quite … Read More