Gathering Feedback from Mobile Users

Top Feedback Tools

Alexis Morales
Learn to use feedback from mobile users for your app. This guide will give you essential tips and strategies for utilizing feedback.

Choosing the right tools is essential when it comes to efficiently managing and acting on user feedback. In this chapter, we’ll compare some of the top feedback tools available, such as Instabug, Firebase Crashlytics, and Sentry, and explore their features and benefits to help you make an informed decision for your app development journey.


Instabug is a comprehensive in-app feedback and bug reporting tool that streamlines the process of collecting user feedback. Key features include in-app surveys, visual bug reporting, and user feedback management. With Instabug, you can easily gather user insights and prioritize issues for a more effective app development process.

Firebase Crashlytics

Firebase Crashlytics is a powerful crash reporting tool that helps you identify, track, and fix stability issues in your app. It provides detailed information about app crashes and helps you prioritize and resolve problems. By improving your app’s overall stability and user experience, Firebase Crashlytics can be an invaluable tool for app developers.


Sentry is an open-source performance monitoring and error tracking tool that helps you identify issues in your app, track them down, and fix them. Supporting various platforms and languages, Sentry provides real-time insights into your app’s performance and reliability. By identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks and errors, you can build a better app for your users.

In this chapter, we compared some of the top feedback tools available, such as Instabug, Firebase Crashlytics, and Sentry. Each tool offers unique features and benefits, making them valuable additions to your app development process. By selecting the right tools for your needs, you can streamline the process of collecting, analyzing, and acting on user feedback, ultimately leading to a more successful app.

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