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UI/UX App Designer

Our app designer team has the skills and experience to bring to life your app in a way that will be both visually appealing and intuitive for your users. An effective user interface will be all the difference in making your app effective and successful. Your user experience is vital to keeping your users engaged and returning again and again. Once our design team has determined your user flow and designs, we will create a prototype that is clickable and functioning before the first line of code is even written.

Design Consulting

If you bringing a new product or service to the market, our design team will help you start from scratch with our discovery phase to bring your ideas to life. Already have a website or app? Then we will conduct a design audit to help generate a plan of action to improve the look and feel of your app either with our development team or yours! Additionally, we will help with your brand development including logo designs, brand identity, and marketing assets.

UI/UX Design

It goes without saying, “a user interface is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it’s no good”. Our design team will ensure that your user interface and user experience are logical and intuitive to improve your user engagement. We will create responsive designs that display across desktop, tablet and mobile devices to reach your audience on their chosen platform.

Clickable Prototype

Does your company or startup need an app prototype before moving forward with development? Our design to will use Marvel to bring your ideas to life with a clickable prototype. Interact with your prototype and provide feedback directly on specific elements to refine the feel to your liking.

Our Toolbox

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Work Examples


The Voyage

The Voyage by New Ocean is a mobile application that provides employees with a tool to help them achieve their health goals. They came to us with an existing mobile application, which lacked consistency and a user experience that matched their target user base. We updated the flow of the application to be consistent across operating systems and to create a more intuitive experience.


LoudCloud is a mobile application that lets users call and text with temporary numbers from around the world. Loudcloud came to Webjunto with an iOS app looking for a hybrid update and redesign. In our UX audit, we found a need for flatter UX that focuses on conversions rather than numbers as well as a clean and light look and feel.