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Your Go-To App Developer

Our app developer team uses the latest technologies and techniques to bring your app to the market quickly to shorten the time for your ROI. A refined process of collaboration both internally with our design team as well as communication with your team will ensure that you get the functionality and reliability that you expect from our app developer team. Staying up to date with the latest and greatest tools at the disposal of app developers, our team will craft an app that will boost your user engagement across all platforms including Desktop, iOS, and Android.

Progressive Web App Development

The latest web technology that allows your app to come to market quicker and can be installed onto any device that feels and functions like a native app. Users can install PWAs without going through traditional app stores and will allow you to maximize user engagement while minimizing costs.

Mobile App Development

Our app developers are experts in angular, Ionic, Javascript, Typescript, NodeJS, and more! We specialize in hybrid app development using Cordova creating one code that is used for both Android and iOS applications. Our app developers also work with native mobile app development for Android and iOS devices. Each and every one of the apps we work on undergoes a thorough Quality Assurance process to ensure reliability.

Web App Development

Web apps can provide your users with a robust tool that is easily accessible across all devices through a web browser. Web apps are especially useful for employee portals and company tools. Web apps can be used on Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Our app developer team has extensive experience in the producing powerful and reliable web apps.

Our Toolbox

let us show you our skills in:

Work Examples



JuntoScope was a project that OpenForge created in response to the need for a tool that would allow developers to scope tasks more accurately and efficiently. Our team came together and designed and developed this tool to function as an integration with Teamwork Projects that would allow users to scope tasks with their team and plug those times directly into Teamwork through the API.

The Voyage Admin Portal

The Voyage by New Ocean is a mobile application that provides employees with a tool to help them achieve their health goals. New Ocean wanted a platform where users could manage their own company accounts and easily invite users and add challenges for their Voyage users. We developed the admin portal using Angular and the framework Bootstrap. We also hooked it up with their existing backend.