How to Create a TikTok Mobile Application

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Many companies have realized that some of the best businesses take an existing model and hyper focus on a specific niche or a focused value proposition.  Examples of this can be found with ride-share applications (Uber, Lyft), dating applications (Hinged, Tinder, Bumble, etc), and social media applications.

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you are looking to create the next biggest social mobile application that’s similar to the famous TikTok application.  If that’s the case, you’re in luck!   A TikTok like application can be created by any development team that has their heart set on it; however, there is more to TikTok than meets the eye.


What’s Included in The Video?

In the above video, we’ll walk you through creating a Product Map for your application and will talk through some of the major features that will be likely required in your application.   We’ve included links below to some of the software that we mentioned throughout the video:

Cross Platform Development

Authentication Email APIs
Search API’s

Where can I download the Product Map referenced in the video?

You can download a PNG of the completed Product Map for TikTok below – keep in mind that this will not be exactly the same as your application.   Each application has it’s own set of unique challenges, features, and considerations.

We sincerely hope this helps you in your mobile app journey!  If you have any questions, please comment on the youtube video directly OR feel free to schedule a free consultation by clicking the contact us button above.

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