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We Are Passionate About Technology and Design

We believe that your success is our success. We're here to challenge your assumptions and help you discover your web or mobile applications full potential.

Meet the Team

There's no doubt that our team is made up of brilliant and talented individuals who are passionate about technology and design thinking. Together we design, code, grow, and evolve.

Jedi Weller
Jedi Weller Founder and Head of Technology
Rachel Bennett
Rachel Bennett Designer
Geoffrey Melle
Geoffrey Melle Account Manager
Joni Lehto
Joni Lehto Software Engineer
Auvo Severinkangas
Auvo Severinkangas Software Engineer
Paulina Gallo
Paulina Gallo Software Engineer
Meredith Alcorn
Meredith Alcorn Software Engineer
Fernando Del Olmo
Fernando Del Olmo Software Engineer
William Holloran
William Holloran Project Manager / QA Engineer
Luis Chacon
Luis Chacon Software Engineer
Claudio Del Valle
Claudio Del Valle Software Engineer
Ethan Bohan
Ethan Bohan Designer
Eli Entertainment
Lu Entertainment
Dhairya Pujara
Dhairya Pujara Consultant