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Learn how to create mobile experiences that drive your business success.

Innovating Top-Tier Mobile Experiences.

Learn how we create mobile experiences that drive enterprise success.

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Mobile Measures

Mobile Measures is the leading mobile application for Physical Therapy Quality Care & Outcome Measures.  It allows practitioners to make better clinical decisions using the most relevant and up-to-date research available directly at the point of care.

America's Test Kitchen

The newly redesigned mobile application for America’s Test Kitchen features thousands of recipes, videos, reviews, and more.
With tablet support, personal collections, and smart search capabilities, it’s the perfect kitchen companion for all your culinary adventures.


The MedMutual mobile app offers instant access to your health plan information and essential tools for managing your care. Easily find in-network providers, check treatment costs, view out-of-pocket spending, and more—all from your phone.

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About Our Processes

Vision Mapping

Initial Consultation: Understanding your vision, goals, and challenges. Research and Analysis: In-depth market and user research to inform our design strategy.

Design Phase

Product Mapping and Prototyping: Creating initial product maps and prototypes to visualize the app’s structure and flow. User Testing: Conducting usability tests to gather feedback and refine the design.

Development Phase

Agile Development: Using agile methodologies to ensure flexibility and rapid iterations. Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing to ensure the app is bug-free and performs optimally.

Launch and Beyond

Deployment: Seamless launch of the app on relevant platforms. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Continuous updates and support to keep the app up-to-date and effective.



Our work speaks for us.

Mobile Measures Mobile App Dev for Mobile Physical Therapy Platform
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"Steadily growing numbers of downloads”

The solution has been very well-received in the physical therapy community, and many industry podcasts have invited the company’s CEO to discuss the app. Shown by steadily growing numbers of downloads and subscriptoins, the team was efficent and consistently contributed quality work.
Loudcloud Inc.Moile App Dev & UX/UI Design for Call & Text App
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"Desired functionalities”

The solution has been very well-received in the physical therapy community, and many industry podcasts have invited the company’s CEO to discuss the app. Shown by steadily growing numbers of downloads and subscriptoins, the team was efficent and consistently contributed quality work.
Chris Betz, New Ocean Health SolutionsIonic Migration & Product Dev (Health Service Provider)
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"Three years later, the work they did remains functional and in-use."

The solution has been very well-received in the physical therapy community, and many industry podcasts have invited the company’s CEO to discuss the app. Shown by steadily growing numbers of downloads and subscriptoins, the team was efficent and consistently contributed quality work.

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Transforming Your Visions into Reality

A Premier Product Partnership

If you’re looking to partner with a team of experts for your mobile application needs, look no further!  We specialize in cutting edge mobile innovation, and are specially equipped to work with your existing teams to help increase your experience, adoption, customer satisfaction, and quality of life.  Our team specializes in mobile application design, development, and App Store Optimization (ASO). Our focus is bringing your vision to life on mobile and web.  You bring the challenge, and you can trust us to bring the solution.

We specialize in

Ionic Framework

Why use Ionic Framework for mobile applications? To put it simply, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to app development. Combining our expertise in Ionic Framework with Angular, React, Vue, and Strapi, we’ve worked together to create and launch dozens of web and mobile applications, integrating APIs and other emerging technologies for iOS, Android, and hybrid platforms.

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We dedicate our lives to

Design & User Experience

We believe in a user-centered approach to mobile application design that is rooted in research and the desire to solve real-world problems through clean, intuitive, and accessible interfaces. Our attention to detail and dedication to mobile-first design has allowed us to create gorgeous design systems using frameworks such as Ionic and Bootstrap. As a result, your product will draw in your audience and lead to an increase in impressions, conversions, and downloads.

Ionic Mobile Application Developers

Ionic Framework's #1 Trusted Partner in North America

Based in Philadelphia, OpenForge boasts over 40 years of collective expertise in Mobile App User Experience Design, Development, and Software Architecture.  From cutting-edge user interfaces to App Store Optimization, our team has the necessary skillset to make your product a success.  

We are proudly one of the top trusted partners of Ionic Framework and have been trusted partners and Ionic Developer Experts for over 8 years, so there’s no one better suited to meet your mobile needs.   we can help you to bring your vision to life – whether that’s a new product (MVP), or enhancements and support for your existing project. We’ll guide you to the finish line and beyond with first-in -class UX design, mobile development, and quality assurance.

Comprehensive Mobile Solution: Design, Development, and Delivery

Embracing a mobile-first strategy, we ensure your app excels in usability, scalability, and accessibility. Utilizing advanced AI technology, we enhance user engagement by delivering seamless, impactful experiences tailored to your audience's needs.

End-to-End Mobile Excellence: Comprehensive Device Testing

Quality Assurance is an integral part of our process, but not every team has the equipment, resources, or processes in place to make sure that mission critical issues are caught ahead of time. At OpenForge we take pride in delivering a seamless experience to our end users. Utilizing a combination of manual and automated testing, we can provide test scripts, manage end-to end testing, and provide detailed bug reports to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Staff Augmentation For Existing Product Teams

Already have a product team and need help getting through the next big milestone? Not a problem. We have Staff Augmentation services that can be utilized to give you the extra resources you need to get through your backlog and to the finish line in no time.

Increasing Your Market Penetration: App Store Optimization Consulting

Through the strategic use of A/B testing and in-depth market research, we meticulously optimize your app's store presence to enhance its visibility and conversion rates. Our approach focuses on understanding user behavior and emerging market trends, ensuring your application stands out and achieves optimal success in a competitive landscape. By tailoring our strategies to align with your specific goals, we empower your app to not only attract but also retain a growing user base, driving sustained growth and market dominance.

So Why Select OpenForge as your Preferred Vendor?

Ask Our Existing Customers

Marc Seigel, Panorama Education
Marc Seigel, Panorama Education
"Fantastic mobile-first development partner"
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OpenForge was a fantastic mobile-first development partner for Panorama Education. Their contributions in Design as well as Engineering were stellar, and the level of communication and ability to flex into staff-augmentation model as well as managed-project model really stand out. Would definitely work with them again!
Ben Kenuk, Mobile Measures
Ben Kenuk, Mobile Measures
"They made the process easy"
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I cannot speak higher about my experience with OpenForge. I came to them with an idea 2 years ago. I had no tech background, no business background, and I wasn’t even an expert on my idea. Today, Just one month after I released my app, Mobile Measures, I have hundreds of downloads, in 20 countries, and 5 stars on the app store and google play. The future is bright for me, thanks to the OpenForge team. They made the process easy, created a beautiful product, and didn’t break the bank. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to start an app based business.
Jessica Podgajny, LLUNA
Jessica Podgajny, LLUNA
"Professional, diligent, enjoyable to work with"
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The OpenForge team is professional, diligent, and enjoyable to work with. I'm incredibly impressed with the clarity of their process, the rigor with which they sought to understand my business opportunity and perhaps most importantly their desire to serve customers in the smartest and most effective way possible (even if it means less billings for them). Highly recommend this team.
Michelle Martinez
Michelle Martinez
"Impressive mobile app development company."
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Impressive mobile app development company. Jedi is an amazing leader and has a talented team. If you are looking to build an app, I highly recommend them.
Brendan Walsh, Hubspot Consulting
Brendan Walsh, Hubspot Consulting
"What you want in a strategic partner"
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I love Jedi and the team and Open Forge. Smart, capable and by the book. Their process, ethical standards and collaborative spirit, set the gold standard for the industry and for what you want in a strategic partner. Lucky to have them in our network!
Chris Betz, New Ocean Health Solutions
Chris Betz, New Ocean Health Solutions
"Three years later, the work they did remains functional and in-use"
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The fit and finish of the product were really good. I have a pretty technical background, so I appreciated the architecture that they put together. OpenForge delivered high-caliber products that adhered to strict healthcare compliance requirements. Three years later, the work they did remains functional and in-use, they did it in a very maintainable and scalable way. Overall, they did a great job.

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