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How to Create a Monorepo with Ionic/Angular & Appflow

If you are on a software team building applications with Angular, then migrating to a monorepo has probably been one of your goals for 2021. You’ve most likely heard all the hype about how monorepos allow development teams to benefit … Read More

Image of Iowa Democratic App

The Shadowy Results of the Iowa Democratic Mobile App

In under 24 hours, news of the Iowa Democratic Party’s failed attempts to utilize their new Mobile App has reached headlines nationwide.  The app, built by Shadow, inc and funded by ACRONYM (sounds evil, right?), was intended to help speed up the processing of … Read More

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How to Improve Scoping For Development Teams

In 15 years working in software engineering, I’ve seen the industry come a long way.   We’ve created tools and frameworks for software development, one layer at a time, that have increased the speed at which applications can be created 10 … Read More