Create Figma Prototypes with Microinteractions

Create Figma Prototypes with Microinteractions

Bring your prototype to life with this guide, complete with free downloadable Figma file containing the examples referenced within

Make sure to download the Figma Prototypes with Microinteractions file to work with the case exercises!

What makes a good design?

If you know anything at all about the tech industry, you know that things move fast and it can be hard to keep up. While it’s true that every aspect of working in the tech industry presents unique challenges, we as designers have the difficult job of setting and enforcing the visual requirements for a project. This can be especially daunting for a designer who is new to the field of UX, but don’t worry! We’re going to give you some practical ways to enhance your prototype using the built in prototyping settings in Figma, and help you make sure that visual requirements can be clearly communicated to your development team. 

When thinking about a good design versus a mediocre design, the difference is often in the details. A well-designed app will reduce the cognitive load of a given task by making it as intuitive as possible. In other words, the less we have to think to make each decision, the more enjoyable our experience often is.

Learn design techniques to improve your Figma prototypes.

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