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Drive Traffic to Your App with Content Marketing

You should always try to drive traffic to your app. One way to boost your app’s ASO is to create content such as videos, blog posts, and infographics as a way to promote organic growth within your userbase. This type of content provides users with more entry points to discovering your app, and can be received more positively than traditional targeted advertising. If you’re not sure what type of content to create, start by revisiting the SEO search terms entered by your target user base. If you can create content based on what users are already searching for, they’ll be more likely to find your content and your app. This can be the difference between a succesful and a failed app.

Here are some examples of effective content marketing:

  • Duolingo offers a free podcast focused on their most popular language programs. It acts as both a supplement for current users and a tool to drive new users to the app.
Image of podcast offerings by Duolingo
  • Figma has dozens of video tutorials on its Youtube channel and promotes user-generated content on their community page, where you can download free templates, UI kits, prototyping interactions, and more.
  • America’s Test Kitchen drives traffic to their site by providing free recipes alongside their paid content, encouraging users to explore the site more and potentially convert them to paid subscribers.

What kind of content will attract users to your app? Try using ChatGPT to generate ideas for content and drive traffic to your app!

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