Top view of a healthcare professional’s workspace, featuring essential medical items such as a stethoscope, alarm clock, clipboard, eyeglasses, thermometer, and a face mask. The focus is on a smartphone held by a doctor displaying a health app with a heart rate of 75 bpm, underscoring the integration of mobile technology in health monitoring. This setup illustrates the use of mobile applications in daily medical practices, presented by OpenForge.

Mobile Health Apps: How Are They Redefining Healthcare in 2024

Mobile Health Apps: How Are They Reshaping Healthcare in 2024 In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, mobile health (“mHealth”) apps have emerged as a revolutionary force in healthcare. These apps are not just changing care, they are reshaping … Read More

Man Using Smartphone

PWAs: Who is Using Them and How They Can Improve Your Business

Mobile. Is. Here. Progressive Web Apps are a form of web technology that combines mobile and web applications into a blazing fast, unified user experience. Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) have been around for several years but have recently come into the spotlight … Read More

Startup Founders

What Startup Founders Should Know and The Essential Resources With It

The Startup Community is one of the most collaborative, progressive, and game-changing communities worldwide.  Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen the barrier to entry for new founders and entrepreneurs to start new businesses and reach larger and larger audiences … Read More

Image of Iowa Democratic App

The Shadowy Results of the Iowa Democratic Mobile App

In under 24 hours, news of the Iowa Democratic Party’s failed attempts to utilize their new Mobile App has reached headlines nationwide.  The app, built by Shadow, inc and funded by ACRONYM (sounds evil, right?), was intended to help speed up the processing of … Read More