How to make your app stand out in the app store

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Main Takeaways & Conclusions on App Store Branding

So, you’ve reached the end of the guide and by now you should have some ideas for how to make your app stand out in the marketplace. In this chapter we will talk about the main takeaways & conclusions on App Store Branding.

App Store Branding
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As with anything in the world of software development, research is key, so we recommend starting by researching some apps that you enjoy using, and apps that are popular in your category. Think about what you enjoy using about them, and what makes them stand out. 

You might feel overwhelmed by so much competition, but if you start small and follow the steps in this guide one by one, you’ll soon start to see positive trends in the traffic to your store listing. Remember, keep your app regularly updated and never miss an opportunity to keep your audience engaged, drive traffic to your app with content marketing, design an effective icon, and optimize, optimize, optimize!

We hope that after reviewing the main takeaways & conclusions on App Store Branding, you have a better understanding of app store optimization and branding, and feel confident in applying these methods to your own product. If you’d like to learn more about what OpenForge can do for your app’s visibility, contact us today for a free consultation!

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