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Create A Mobile Application: From Concept To Launch

This course is designed for Startup Founders looking to create a MVP version of their app. Topics will range from product maps, visual prototyping, monetization, and more. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to make a mobile app, this is a great introductory course.

Design An Experience

User Experience Design: Create Mobile Interfaces

This course will teach the principles of user experience design, which is a category of design that’s focused on creating a meaningful and efficient experience for the user of a product. This is a beginner friendly course that highlights aspects of UX design that matter the most when it comes to mobile devices.

Build An Experience

Mobile App Development: Code With Ionic

This course will teach the principles of mobile app development using the Ionic framework. This is a beginner friendly course that highlights aspects of development that matter the most when it comes to mobile devices.

Launch With Confidence

App Store Optimization: Strategy For Success

This course will teach the principles of optimizing your app for the app store marketplaces. A healthy user base is critical to success for mobile apps. Without a solid marketing plan, your app could get lost in the sea of competitors. This course will go over app store optimization, marketing checklists, and more.

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Mobile application revenue projections are set to reach $935b by 2023.

These numbers show that the mobile market still has room to grow, and that its users are open to adopting new platforms and software.

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User Experience Design

We’ll show you how to create accessible and
engaging designs for all your mobile design projects.

Product Mapping
Dark Mode
Web Design 
User Feedback

Mobile App Development

Learn the ins and outs of mobile development for
Apple and Android platforms.

A/B Testing
AWS Amplify

App Store Optimization

Make your app stand out amongst the competition
with out optimization guides.

Health & Wellness Apps
App Store User Feedback

App Store Monetization

On the app store, cash is king. Learn how to create a
viable revenue stream for your mobile app projects.

Coming Soon