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Our Work

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Here are just a few featured case studies from our extensive portfolio of mobile applications.

Mobile Measures

Mobile Measures

A Physical Therapist’s brainchild; this mobile app aims to help Physical Therapists keep track of their patients’ progress. Like many founders and entrepreneurs, Ben’s foray into the start-up world started with a simple idea: “There has to be a better way!”



This mobile application was designed with privacy in mind. Users can receive and make calls through a temporary and disposable phone number in over 40 countries! LoudCloud allows for more secure business and social interactions and is available for Android and iPhone.

America test kitchen

America's Test Kitchen

The newly redesigned mobile application for America’s Test Kitchen features thousands of recipes, videos, reviews, and more. With tablet support, personal collections, and smart search capabilities, it’s the perfect kitchen companion for all your culinary adventures.

Medmutual App

Medical Mutual

The Medical Mutual Mobile Application was designed to be a ADA Compliant healthcare & insurance application.  Now, this mobile application is used across Ohio as one of the primary insurance applications for consumers looking to view their benefits. 

Panorama App

Panorama Education

The Panorama Education App provides a valid and reliable way to measure and improve social-emotional learning in students for numerous school districts around the US. Teachers are improving student outcomes day by day using this useful tool for educational growth.

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