Our Work

Our Work

Here are just a few featured case studies from our extensive portfolio. If you’re looking for more examples of work pertaining to a specific industry, subject, or demographic feel free to contact us!

Mobile Measures case study

Mobile Measures

A Physical Therapist’s brainchild; this app aims to help Physical Therapists keep track of their patients’ progress. Like many founders and entrepreneurs, Ben’s foray into the start-up world started with a simple idea: “There has to be a better way!”

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Med Mutual

Medical Mutual

The Medical Mutual Mobile Application was designed to be a ADA Compliant healthcare & insurance application.  Now, this mobile application is used across Ohio as one of the primary insurance applications for consumers looking to view their benefits.  

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LoudCloud case study


This app was designed with privacy in mind. Users can receive and make calls through a temporary and disposable phone number; in over 40 countries! LoudCloud allows for more secure business and social interactions.

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And Many More!

From the East Coast to New Zealand, OpenForge success stories are everywhere. What are you waiting for?